Privacy Policy
To save your personal information we keep it in our database. We make our website safe and secure by installing safety software’s which are responsible to protect our website from any unwanted harmful entries.

If you visit our website and starts searching our website then we take some basic information from your side like your server name, your domain name, your browser type, your IP address, you access date and time and also your location. All these information is tracked by our expert trackers. And we use this information to make our website more interactive and attractive towards user’s point of view.

Your personal information that is stored in our database with full security is never access by any other person. As we never allow anyone to access your personal information because keeping your personal information with full safety is our main aim. We first take permission from your side and make full confirmation about your choice of sharing information with other party. After that we will allow anyone to access your information that is stored in our database.

You should always check our privacy policy statements for changes and if changes in policy are made by us then you should also know this to protect your personal information.