"There was a compassion about him for people," Hines said of his first meeting with Dukes. In 1994, Hines was with Dukes when he led a medical team in Romania. "He worked 10 hour days and spent nights on dirt floors teaching the word of God," Hines said. New chamber directors are Bob Francis, Doug Moss, Geremy Segars, Mac Beard, Carolyn Wallace, Russell Woodruff and Mike Preuitt. If city leaders here are successful in passing a proposed commercial development bill, they will have to campaign beyond Hartselle's city limits.

The local amendment, Grantland said, requires a majority vote of people in the Hartselle corporate limits and in Morgan County. "The legislation is being written and should be ready by Tuesday," Grantland, D-Hartselle, said. "I really didn't know where this was at, but I talked with Ronald and he said he is going to introduce it," Hartselle Mayor Clif Knight said.

Knight and the council had thought that their bill was dead because the Morgan County Commission did not pass a unanimous resolution asking local legislators to introduce a similar Decatur resolution. "I'm glad to hear that Ronald is going to introduce it," Councilman Tom Chappell said. His effort failed because the state constitution prohibits putting tax money into private commercial projects at this time.

Chappell said the biggest challenge Electronic Conveyancing for Hartselle now is to sell the amendment to the voters. "We're going to have to educate the people as to what this will allow us to do," Chappell said. This is not a buddy deal as I have read and probably won't be used very much. It's only going to be used when necessary to draw someone here who we wouldn't otherwise get. Chappell said the bill won't allow developers to replace existing businesses. "It's going to be a tool to lure something that Hartselle does not have," he said.