Rory Joyce said: "We have had another good year, and the firm has awarded staff bonuses for the year totalling £2.2 million. Income (net rental) returns were 7.3%; total returns using real (inflation adjusted) capital growth were 11.2%; Landlords who were satisfied with their returns were obtaining 8.7% net income return and a total real return of 12.1%; Landlords obtained nominal total returns of 13.0%; these fell to 10.6% after deducting capital expenditure and half net rental income from nominal capital gains – on the lines of the IPD’s method; A comparison of returns in 1999 from the corporate clients’ portfolios with other property returns and from financial investments reveals that deregulated lettings gave lower income (net rental) returns in 1999 than did other property.

The findings on rates of returns must also be examined in the light of the relative immaturity of this part of the housing sector, As important as adopting these standards is getting 6 agreement on setting up a database (or more probably databases) from which regular reports of returns can be drawn. Conveyancing company has many licensed and experienced conveyancers sydney who can deal appropriately in the field of real estate performing procedure of buying and selling of houses.

This is particularly important if a time series is to be developed, thereby enabling reliable estimates to be made of the contribution that residential lettings can make to a diversified investment portfolio. Retail, office and industrial property accounted for 97% by value of the property assets backing pension policies at the end of 2001. The last two years have a seen a modest recovery in the weighting of direct property in institutional portfolios, after an almost continuous decline through the 1980s and 1990s.

In fact, the physical amount of property held by segregated pension funds and longterm insurance funds appears to have grown significantly over the long-term. Even allowing for the long-term rise in capital values, the amount of property owned by the institutions appears to have doubled, from £21 billion to £43 billion in 1980 prices.